02 December 2010

My stand towards nonsense

No regrets,
When I choose to keep what I belong to,
Nobody can tell what I suppose to retain.
I decide to keep best part of my life,
Goodwill was not too hard because I adopt that way.
Made it hard even millions tries,
Ask them to consider me,
Come on,
High expectation due to greed,
Let me be as what I am.
People use to provokes other to port something beyond the capability,
Judgment and their easy conclusion,
Imagination of truth fantasized,
Exaggerate is their competence,
Too much drama cause teasing tragedy,
Sometimes it worth sometimes it is not.
I have no torn inside,
But sure it not make me perfect,
Only encouragement to become much stronger.
Your satisfaction not my worry,
Too bad once I keep silent,
But at the end people stand alone with their self,
So I’m doing fine.
Hell No,
When you came and told me shit,
Because I don’t speak shitty language,
Prefer to understand modest than complexity.
I listen to my heart each single sniff,
Every breath dedicated to each step I move,
So forgive me when I say you jerk.
Colors that I would like to be on my canvas,
I choose green instead blue,
Positive to put yellow instead red,
neither orange nor pink.
At last,
I managed to portray picture of the ocean and the bubbles,
As far as my believe is concern,
With tan sand to bury as add on.
No hesitate,
I still want to keep what
I want to keep,
Losing is only consequence,
Propaganda towards the loneliness,
Destiny is a gift from God.
Last wishes,
I hope one day there will be that ended moment,
Everybody happy with one another,
And I stand beyond the nonsense!

-Sarol 02 Dec 10-

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