13 December 2010


Wedding! Yeaahh. No. I’m sound fake. The right one, Ayooo! Hahaha. I'm not used to go to wedding and I always attended the wedding with half-hearted willingness. I don’t know, it just me a not so wedding attended guy! But last weekend I attended two weddings! It’s a magic don’t you think so? I attended two weddings within a day. Actually there are more than 5 weddings for last Saturday [3 with card and others by FB invitation] but I choose to go to two of it and absolutely with strong reasons.

First wedding for the day is wedding of Amalina and Aswad at Menara Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka KL. Gorgeous! That is the word to describe the wedding. Simple, sweet and full of romantic aura. I guess that was the concept of the wedding. Both brides wearing white which I think most suitable color for wedding. Amalina is one of the beautiful and perfect brides I ever see and Aswad such a charming grooms beside her. The only thing I don’t like about their wedding ceremony is the “Caklempong” thingy. We are not in museum aren’t we? , and nobody in convocation mood here kan? Hahaha. Sorry typical Sarol to comment.

Why I attended this wedding? I knew Amalina since form 1. We went for the same school at SMK Perimbun Cheras. My comment about her, she is the true lady. I did saw her maturity compare to others even though during that time she was only 13. She got the quality of women. I managed to talk to her and knew her better then when we are in the same class in Form 3. Yes she is a brilliant girl also. She is one of the Malay girls that fluent in English beside Syahidah in my class, and got straight A in PMR. We became closer when we r in the Form 4 and Form 5 since our Malay committee inside the class is quite small [about 10 people out of 32]. After SPM we r still kept in touch via Friendster and she doing science marine if I'm not mistaken during that time. Then everybody busy with campus life and I just came to know that she become a stewardess via FB. Well with those look and intelligence, MAS is in her hand just like that. Last month we did hangout and have a great time. I will feel guilty if I’m not attending her wedding. Good also to meet my old old classmate, came with baggage [kids n spouse]. They asked me when to get married?. Next year! [as usual]. Hahaha. I would like to stay since others coming but I have to move on since I have to rush for the next wedding at Hulu Langat.

Last wedding for the day is wedding of Amir and Raihana. I reached Sri Nanding almost 4pm. Amir and his wife Raihana was standing in front their white green canopies. Amir saw me and came to welcome me. "Mana Addie?" Amir asked. "His working for Jom Heboh" me replied. "Mard?" Amir asked again with damn cheeky smiled. "Demm you! Dia datang jap g virtually”. I said. Amir then introduced me to his wife. That was my first time met his wife face to face. A sweet darling and pretty face with some height completed Amir the 5'11 feet guy. Amir invited Hisyam and I to eat. Since I consumed lots at A & A wedding, I don't feel to eat. Hisyam told me it’s rude to not eat when you at people wedding and asked me to eat. So I took a little nasi minyak with ayam masak merah and daging masak hitam. I not finished my food but drink a lot of water to cover my time and Hisyam also not finished his food! Hahaha. Amir and Raihana were busy posed for their collection and I busy watched them.

Am smiled alone when saw them and my imagination flew back on the day I met Amir in the college during my diploma. His been appointed as our leader [penghulu] during our orientation week and I became close to him when he picked me up to accompany him to handle VIP guest for Forum Perdana Hal Ehwal Islam held at our college that time. Even though we are not in the same course, Amir much prefer to hang out with our group instead of his accountancy colleague. I also remember Amir and me the only 2 person that don't want to participate in Silat Cekak club while the entire boys in our batch go for it. We joint Wataniah with no regrets and that was a truly experienced! Amir is also people that discovered the thing between me and Lydia. His the one that played the game of "who r the most people u like in the college?” He got Lydia and mine. Then this fella becomes so matchmaker. Now all of that is sweet memory. I respect Amir as a good friend. Yes he is. I respect him as a good leader, as the person that good in religion thing, dedication person and know and firm with what he wants in his life. We go through a lot and we made it.

I wish both couples, Amalina & Aswad, Amir & Raihana a very happy wedding and Allah bless you and the family, friends. I wish you very very very happy life now and life after.

Sarol Out 

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