16 December 2010

16 December 2010

I woke up in this morning usually. I tot I’ll get any super power for my 26th birthday but unfortunately it wasn't happen that way and I still the older me. Tengok phone ada 7 sms in the inbox from my family and friends, one stranger [I replied and asked but no answer] and 3 messages from DIGI, GNC and JUSCO. All the birthday wishes. I took my time to reply all.

Received a gift wrapped with M size singlet case attached together with the returned CDs [this will be remembered brother]. Hahaha.

Arrived at Amcorp. Received lots of wonderful birthday wishes via my Facebook wall and private messages from family and friends. I very appreciate all of that and I replied each wishes and PM.

I received texts from good friends, TJ and Tom. TJ asked me to go movie with him and Haer. I’ll come back on that, replied. Tom in another hands asked me to join him meeting INTRA!,with some excuses [sarol skill], escaped.
Kept focused on the training even though am not. Sleepy for sure! I was tucked in the training room until 5:30 pm.

Federal Highway suck as usual, rainy so the movement of traffic bit by bit. Decided to go to my parents house to see Zaquan. 


No plot for the night, thought to sleep early since nothing to do. Hisyam called and asked to lepak at Mamak. Ok fine. At Mamak, Iejan was there sitting with the three boxes of cake from Secret Recipe. Yayaya. Prank as usual. Yes of course these fellas will sings loud, make some noise, as what we usually did when it come to bday celeb. Demm u buddies!! Thank dudes for the cake and time we spent. Hahaha.

Received sms from my brother Danial. Well I assumed he will wish happy birthday but the conversation as this;

D: “Abang hey..u sleep? cannot sleep…cuz..gf problem lar lately..”
S: “not yet.. Biaselah gf. Nanti oklah tu”

D: “Yea..right..she was seduce by another man..*man*!!! F*uckkkk!! Fpoajfoaehjfoha and she couldn’t fight!!!..wat a wnfianggneaog.”

I’m not replying this.

D: “can u believe that!! Arghhh!! Marah giler!! Kiwaknyer jahanam….can u help me…”
S: “Haha. Rileks ar. Wat help? If I can sure...”

D: “nvm..i actually wan u to kick the man ass..grrr..”
S: “Hahaha. Giler. Malas layan. Dah gi tido!”

D: “gudnite..babyface..”

Well, he just being 14 and what can me aspect? Happy Birthday to myself!

Football, Malaysia against Vietnam at my friend house yesterday night. Malaysia wins over Vietnam 2-0 in the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final first leg at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday. I would like to believe that as my present for 26th birthday! Hahaha =]

Sarol Out

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