15 October 2009

Anger Management

Somehow, I want to talk about anger management today. How you control and manage your anger?

There were situation that anger twisted and we have to deal with it. What should we do? Which formula is the best practice to shift the tense happen? Shared a few commons practice that I use to drill with when I feel get mad.

i. Ignore and think nothing happen. [buat bodoh].
ii. Think something relevant to the consequences. 
iii. Telling-off
iv. Silent and move
v. Drink plenty of water

All this applied based on the condition and situation. Some people their get angered easily. We all get angry for one reason or the other, but there are people who take it over-board. Have you even met someone who just bursts into a bad mood after a seemingly small joke or matter is brought up? I used to be amused by these types of people, at first, but when you find yourself dealing with these personalities, you realize that it is no longer funny.

For me people who are angry, suffer from some dose of low-self esteem. People who get angry easily, sometimes have a sense of entitlement. Konon nak tunjuk power. F*ck you off! They want to be the authority on any matter they bring up and do not want you to counter anything they have to say. Sometimes they feel they deserve to be tended to and not doing so, anger them.

I don’t have skill to handle mad people. Ill makes it worst when I deal with those shitty thingy! I do not use words and silent is the best thing Ill do to let it be. Go away shuuhhh! 

Please stop get angry!

Sarol Out

13 October 2009


Aku buka TV3 minggu lepas tengok Malaysia Hari Ini siaran langsung. Kebetulan ada promosi UiTM Melaka dan Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah untuk satu karnival anjuran pelajar-pelajar UiTM kursus Komunikasi & MM kalau tidak salah. Bagus juga bila kerajaan negeri Melaka sudi membantu pelajar-pelajar ini menjayakan tugasan mereka.

Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran Alor Gajah TH Nordin kata ini usaha kerajaan negeri dalam memberi ruang untuk pelajar-pelajar. Kata Timbalan Dekan UiTM Melaka pula itu satu kerjasama yang baik disamping membantu mengurangkan beban UiTM dari segi "dana" yang mana pihak universiti harus adil dalam membahagi peruntukan kepada setiap kursus dan acara.

Aku puji MPAG sebab sudi. Puji UiTM Melaka sebab sudi. Dua-dua sudah sudi. Badan-badan korporat dan juga syarikat-syarikat gergasi yang lain tidak sudi untuk taja UiTM? Sebab apa pula?

notakaki : UCSI anjur konsert Beyonce! Sudah tak main liga karnival.Hotlink sudi.

Sarol Out

15 September 2009

Minggu Terakhir Ramadhan

Tidak melayu kah seseorang kalau tidak mengenakan baju melayu di pagi hari raya? Masih melayu kah seseorang jika tidak begitu ber ia-ia membuat persiapan lebaran?. Masih melayu kah seseorang kalau lebih selesa menonton TV di rumah daripada duduk diam kelu di rumah orang lain?

Baju melayu warna unggu. Dapat percuma.

Aku suka sendiri. Aku kadang-kadang sukar difahami. Apatah lagi engkau untuk memahami.

notakaki: selamat hari raya Mamat di Beijing.

Sarol Out

05 May 2009

Suka Sikit Bodoh Sikit

Minggu lepas lepak menghilangkan tekanan jiwa dan perasaan. Mencuba keseronokkan yang di gembar gemburkan. Tema malam itu “suka sikit bodoh sikit”.

Sejak kelmarin asyik makan sedap. Makan sedap Pie & Joe masak, makan sedap di Jalan Raja Chulan, makan sedap di Imperial Chakri Palace KLCC (Thai Cuisine). Apa makanan yang sedap korang?

notakaki: Terima kasih boss di atas perkhidmatan.

Sarol Out

30 April 2009

All or Nothing

Dedicate this song (O’town – All or Nothing) to my external hard disk. (Know it’s not related at all, but I listen to this song when am sad). Weirdo but I love my external hard disk!!

I know when he's been on your mind
That distant look is in your eye
I thought with time you'd realize
It's over over..
It's not the way I choose to live
And something somewhere's got to give
As sharing this relationship gets older older ..
You know I'd fight for you
But how I can fight someone who isn't even there
I've had the rest of you now
I want the best of you
I don’t care if that's not fair

Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There's no where left to fall
When you reach the bottom it's now or never
Is it all
Or are we just friends
Is this how it ends
With a simple telephone call
You leave me here with nothing at all

There are times it seems to me
I'm sharing you with memories
I feel it in my heart
But I dont show it show it
And then there's times you look at me
As though I'm all that you can see
Those times I don't believe it's right
I know know it...

Don't me make me promises
Baby you never did know how to keep them well
I've had the rest of you
Now I want the best of you
It's time for show and tell

Cause you and I
Could lose it all if you've got no more room
No room inside for me in your life
Cause I want it all
Or nothing at all
There's no where left to fall
It's now or never

Sarol Out

19 April 2009

King of Sorrow

Layan lagi cerita Anger Management yang diterajui oleh Adam Sandler. Aku suka Adam Sandler. Dia cool.

Nak bermalasan sambil nak dengar Sade - King of sorrow.

Notakaki: Syukur apa yang ada sekarang.

Sarol Out

18 April 2009

Malaikat Untuk Aku

Andai hati ini sendiri lagi
Mengerti untuk sekian kalinya
Takdir bukan untuk kita
Namun tetap menjadi kisah terbaik

Lindungi aku untuk setiap jalanku
Hadirkan malaikat di jendela untuk temani aku
Malaikat untuk aku...

Sarol Out

I’m learning

I’m learning
To define entire world
Can you tell me all that I supposes to believe?
Would that make me the different person?

While I’m learning
Make me feel good about everything
After twinges disappear
If you don’t mind
Please take and stop me

To learn about life
Tell me the truth
I can never tell you about good dream

When it come to the end
The only thing that I want to hear
I want to hear sweet things

I’m learning
Sarol Out

12 January 2009

Why GOD Gave Us Friends?

GOD knew that everyone needs
Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone
Whose thoughts are always near.

He knew they need someone kind
To lend a helping hand.
Someone to gladly take the time
To care and understand.

GOD knew that we all need someone
To share each happy day,
To be a source of courage
When troubles come our way.

Someone to be true to us,
Whether near or far apart.
Someone whose love we'll always
Hold and treasure in our hearts.

That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends!
Sarol Out