15 October 2009

Anger Management

Somehow, I want to talk about anger management today. How you control and manage your anger?

There were situation that anger twisted and we have to deal with it. What should we do? Which formula is the best practice to shift the tense happen? Shared a few commons practice that I use to drill with when I feel get mad.

i. Ignore and think nothing happen. [buat bodoh].
ii. Think something relevant to the consequences. 
iii. Telling-off
iv. Silent and move
v. Drink plenty of water

All this applied based on the condition and situation. Some people their get angered easily. We all get angry for one reason or the other, but there are people who take it over-board. Have you even met someone who just bursts into a bad mood after a seemingly small joke or matter is brought up? I used to be amused by these types of people, at first, but when you find yourself dealing with these personalities, you realize that it is no longer funny.

For me people who are angry, suffer from some dose of low-self esteem. People who get angry easily, sometimes have a sense of entitlement. Konon nak tunjuk power. F*ck you off! They want to be the authority on any matter they bring up and do not want you to counter anything they have to say. Sometimes they feel they deserve to be tended to and not doing so, anger them.

I don’t have skill to handle mad people. Ill makes it worst when I deal with those shitty thingy! I do not use words and silent is the best thing Ill do to let it be. Go away shuuhhh! 

Please stop get angry!

Sarol Out


Hazzy Ishak said...

saya hilang sabar kalau tunggu orang lama-lama...


Anonymous said...

Merah itu saga...


saya suka cupcake..=)