10 December 2010


Losing is not an option. It is a faith. We cannot choose to not losing. How hard you want to keep it, no, you cannot. How people manage and cope with it? Well I think most people will act the same. The different is only the way of expression of it. God give us mom and dad, brother and sister, friend and lover, kid etc. Yapp, true, term and condition applied when not everybody had that fluke. Losing this people hard, but it is not the end of everything. How strong people determine by the action and their acceptance of that fact. Capability of individual in handling the situation most admired.

Positively is the biggest key in victory. Instead of being sad and depressed, let us move on to something much optimistic. Well, you might think it is easy to say but hard to do it. Yes, correct, I will not deny that. However, let us get some try. Turn the losing as the rotary button to appreciate their present. One day everybody leaving and you will alone. Don’t disappear with those hearts broken feeling. No, let stop! I will do the same thing also start from now. I will much appreciate people around me, in every single minute.

I just normal human with no super power, but I will fine. When I have to face the losing again, I will come here and read back what have I wrote.

Dear God, the only thing I ask now is to bless my families, friends, and everybody that in my life circle. They will go, I will go, hope everything goes fine. Amin    

Sarol Out

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