06 December 2010

OMD [Oh My December]

I was born on December 16, 1984 in Padang Serai [Lemongrass Field] Kedah, a small town in north Malaysia. This by default made the December as my favorite month. Nevertheless, that was not only reason for me to like December. December is everything.  I like December as much as I like sexy women. [joking]. Actually December always, come with surprise. Either predictable or unexpected, it gives colors to my life. My December, sometimes things go good sometimes it was not. I still remember I got my BMX during December. That stood when am nine.  It was my perfected December ever had followed by my first aquarium two years later. 

Last year was not my favorite December but they still doing fine. My December started with up and down craziness. Livin la vida loca! [Life with the full of madness]. My friend and I traveled over Peninsular of Malaysia and spent money for shit! During my birthday last year, I drove straight away from Kota Bharu to Kuala Terengganu to Kuantan to Endau-Rompin to Seremban and arrived KL with an empty heart.

My December started this year. Well, still not perfect kicked but I wanted to keep as my December. Oh my December, please, I did not asked much in my life, I did asked quite, I want to ask fairly now. Please become my great December! My December to be remembering. 

Sarol Out

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