19 December 2010

The Biggest Loser Asia

I visited the biggest loser Asia website. That was my first time visited and I’m so excited to surf the website after been inspired by watching the grand season two finales, which a young man named Viveganandam Deveraj [Raj] from Singapore won for the Biggest Loser title! The total lost after 6 months is 67 kilo [WTF!].

I also amaze to see the first runner up Mr. Atikom Laksanapanai [Nai], 26 years old man from Thailand. 63 kilos and he look damn fit too! What the hell there are thinking? Demmm! Yes of course the work hard, starving [sure] and the motivation on achieving something big in their life. Men both of you are the true inspirational. I will work hard for this too. [I can list this as the 2011 resolution! Ahaks!] 

FYI, there were a gadget on the right sidebar at the website that you can use to calculate your BMI based on your height and weight [must be current, haha].  My result not so good [expected] and ill go back to there next month to see the different if there is any. Watch out! [Haha]

Sarol Out

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