24 November 2010


November! Am back! because demm f**king boring!!! Haha..While am away for last those couples of months, lots of the up and down things happen in my life. 


The best part, I met someone. Yes i do! But it doesnt work and stand only 2 months as usual!. Demm it! am not that lucky on that. this is the curse! My friend named it as Karma! No!!, i hate karma so much! As much as i hate my ex girlfriend that leave me alone when i need her the most!
Karma does not work for me. Shuuhh..Hahaha. Period.

But this is great kick start to write back here. Wait for sec, is it because we r in the end of the year and near to my favorite month DECEMBER???!! Owh..maybe that contribute to the desire to have something inside this blog. Y? No idea! Am out!

Sarol Out


knini said...

cerh..bila nk dkt dec mesti timbul balik kannnn hahaha

PS: awek puncak ke? :p

Sarol said...

bukan ar..awek di awangan!! hehehe