12 July 2010

World Cup & Twilight Eclipse

Hi All. This is my 1st post for July. Perghh dah lama gile tak masuk sini derr. Busy lor... Hoho

1st of all congrats to Spain! Spain won the World Cup with the right kind of football. No one can argue that its tense 1-0 extra time victory over the Netherlands wasn't deserved. Aku nyer favorite team dah sangkut dekat semi-final Germany! No problem. No 3 still.. huhu

Kecewa sikit Germany kalah dengan Spain kat semi-finals. Both them suppose play at the final. Baru best!!

Last Saturday went to Pavilion with housemates watched Twilight Eclipse. Waiting list movie nie since watched the previous two. Tapi macam haram! Gampang sungguh. Aku tak suka! So malas nak kasi review.

Go and do ur own judgement. I give 2 stars aje. Quite bore and the movement of the whole story is a bit slow. Sorry Twilight fans, this is fact!

Today is very boring day. I need some green lime to splash all over my body and getting wet with virgin coconut. Hehehe.

Notakaki: Missing someone.

Sarol Out


tOm said...

i told ya rite that spain gonna win the WC :P

Mardhiyyah Ridzuan said...

0keh...sangat2 setuju twilight sucks!!huhu...neysal teng0k kat wayang alth0ugh kwn dah k0men xbes.. ketegaq!!haha..