02 May 2010

My empty message

I do have one bad habit in sending empty message to people that close to me. I feel comfortable and connectible when I do so. My sister and my youngest brother received it most. My mom also one of the victim! Haha. Friends sometimes. Girlfriend always! When i had nothing to do, the only thing i do is texting. Am sorry everybody. I tried so much to not type the sms. But sometimes I cant!. Please send me to the rehab to confiscate this convention.I need the treatment to this. Farah called me weirdo because of that. Am not!

Sometimes I want to talk to someone. But I don’t have any to say or no idea to start the conversation. So the best thing is an empty message. Im not expecting the reply but it is enough for me to keep breath. How can I live without the phone? So this is f*cking serious shit problem with my deeds. Not to forget, Mamat also one of the closest friend that received the sms beside Haer. Ampun kan aku korang. Hehehe

Last time with my Lydia, almost every hour. Am not kinda a psycho and she managed to understand me well. Of course some stupid fight happen 1st! Hahaha. I miss her so much actually. =(

I hope one day I can overcome this habit. I just need people with me and realize my present into their life. I have nothing. I only have my sms. I loves my family, friends and everybody. But do they love me as I am? 

Saje nak post screen capture posing terbaek Sarimah Ibrahim dalam konsert AF8 semalam. Hoho. Sexy =)

Sarol Out

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