24 May 2010

Malaysian & Google Search

Ahaks. Am f*cking boring. And as the result i presenting to you the word registration recorded by Google Malaysia. Lets find out the thing Malaysian googling! =)

Airasia, Astro, Artis Melayu Bogel, Artis Malaysia Seksi, Berita Harian, Bank Rakyat, Blogspot, Cimbclicks, Cerita Lucah Melayu, Celcom, Cara Melakukan Persetubuhan, Din Beramboi, Didi Games, Download MP3, EPL, ERA.fm, EMOE.gov.my, Ebay, Facebook, Friendster, Gmail, Games, Google Maps, Google Translate, Gambar -gambar Seksi, Harian Metro, Harakah, Hotmail, I luv Islam, Intan, Idola Kecil 2, IPTA, IKBN, JPA, JobsMalaysia, Jawatan Kosong Kerajaan, Kosmo, Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, KWSP, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, LHDN, Lirik Lagu, Lagu MP3, Lelong.com.my, Myspace, Mudah.com, Maybank2u, Naruto, Nama-nama Indah Islam, Nokia, OUM, Oh Bulan, Oh Artis, Oh Tidak, PTPTN, Politeknik, Public Bank, Photobucket, Quran Explore, Quotes About Life, Qatar Airways, Rahsia Tarikh Lahir, Rahsia Tahi Lalat, Resepi Masakan, RHB Bank, SPA, Sinar Harapan, Sex2u.com, Tagged, TV3, Twitter, Utusan Malaysia, UiTM, UPU, Video Lucah.com, Video Seks Melayu, Video Lucah - Malaysia.blogspot.com, Video Upin & Ipin, Wikipedia, Xxwoman, Xxnxx, Xvideo Hong Kong, Xat Kampung, Xxsexyxx Movies, Youtube, Yahoo, Zoom A, Zedge, Zizie Ezette Seksi.

Well what do you think?. Let go summarize the finding. Malaysian love to go to holiday and f*cking crazy when it come to cheap ticket offered by Airasia. 

Malaysian not spend much in watching TV due to others activities and regularly go to online channel offered by TV3 and Astro to watch the thing that they missed. 

Practicability of paperless concept introduced by Government applied via online newspaper reading. It more cost saving, faster and up to date ! 

Our Malaysian loves something involved and related to sex, celebrity, gossip and scandal. Zizie Ezette named one of the most googling celebrity recently. Huhu

Online banking in the most famous online services in Malaysia top by Maybank, CIMB, Bank Rakyat, RHB dan Public Bank. The aunties spend their time listening to Al-Quran online which is good. But this countered by searching the name for the new baby and exploring the secret of date of birth and the secret of the mole?! Demm! 

The uncles and the fellas likes to download porn videos. Demmsss!!. 

Facebook, Twitter, Tagged, Myspace, & Friendster are the list in the social networking ranked as per sequence.

UiTM is the most famous university based on the numerous of the word searched. Open University of Malaysia (OUM) go second. 

Malaysian also loves to google article/ write up/ journal/ etc sex related to read. 

They also loves to download Upin & Ipin the series! Hohoho

Well, for me the Google word registration can tell and describe the behaviors, manners and the activities of Malaysian. This definitely does not fair to measure as the whole nation but to bad this reflect the county either at glance or gaze.This is sad and this portray the next cycle of generation continuation.

Lets think before GOOGLE!! =)

Sarol Out

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