05 January 2011

5 Jan 2011

After 5 days of 2011, then at last I thought something that reasonable and practical enough to become my resolution of this year. Before this when people ask me what is my resolution for thousand eleven I choose to say null. However, yesterday before went sleep the wisdom of New Year resolution arrived and whisper to my head. 

After all, being blue here and there, coming to the end of the approximately last. I consulted my good self to, not involve in any hurting things again this year. I will not let myself down for any bad thing cause by others. I want to do something good to myself instead of thinking of others first. This might sound selfish and egoistical but I done so many things to people instead of myself and I just want to feel how doing good pleasure to your own self. I will try but sincerely I know God is always with the Great destiny creator that drawn what best for myself.  Seriously, I can tell that another half of me will remain the same way I am but if I can snip another half of me to be at least, being nice to myself it is more than enough.

I hope I would not fall in something bad and stay connect to the good things. If i have someone in my life, I want to choose to be loyal without any circumstance. The prior stories will become the life jacket and protection, a guard to the stupid behavior.

Dear Myself,
I know me being cruel and mean to you all this while, abuse you out and inside. I know I always done wrong to you and did beyond your capabilities. I know I did manipulate your attitude, comportment and feeling towards many things. I know that I am not supposed to do that and I really hope that this year everything will recover. I will take care of you as what it supposes to be.  InsyaAllah.

Sarol Out

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