28 August 2008

Independence & Intelligence NONE STOP!!

Cannot depict how busy I was this week. Cool with fuzz slumber land. It’s a raining week. Oooughhh.. been waiting for weekend like so many years.

Malaysia will celebrate the 51st Independence Day this coming 31st August 2008. Nationwide will be in bloom mood. 3 days holiday! So cool after you utilized your intelligence none stop for couples of months. Horeeyy!!

Back to serious frame.

This morning, one of my ex officemate family member Kak Ros, has lost her father due to lung cancer. Today is the hardest time for her and family. She will bring back the body(father) to Pantai Dalam, Masjid Khatijah. Let’s us pray together, may her father rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.To ease her burden, for those who wish to donate, you are welcome to do so. You can pass it to me and I’ll pass it to her later.

p/s: Personally, respects Tun Dr Mahathir as one of the independence man!
Sarol Out

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