29 December 2011

December 2011

December 2011.

22 August 2011

My new cubicle!

Saya dah officially pindah dari office lama di Jalan Duta Kuala Lumpur ke Platinum Sentral KL Sentral). 20 minutes perjalanan dari rumah ke pejabat. Sharing with u guys my new cubical. 

Sarol Out

17 August 2011


Ramadhan is coming again, dah masuk hari ke 17 kowt. Selamat menyambut bulan puasa. Lambat gila aku wish kan?. Oopps. Tetiba aku mau menulis balik. Seriously I don’t know what actually was happen to me for the previous 5 months. Where have I been? Ada sahaja. Going through so many many many things. Some happy some sad some exciting some not so. Well its life. I hope today is the great kick start to flinch all over again. Have a good day peep. Salam.

Sarol Out

28 February 2011

Last Day of February

Today is the last day of February. My February goes well with extra pack! Last Saturday (26 Feb 2011) participated in 1 Malaysia Heritage Xplorace organized by KL Tower. Didn't win but its quite of experiences.